About Us
"INESH DESIGNS" established in1994,  we are a team of young Architects, Artists and Engineers. Our main criteria is to understand the Client’s requirements, time and budget and then achieve best possible solutions.    Living with nature in the tropics opens a world of  sensual experience which we explore in our design by being in harmony with nature. We try to fuse vernacular architecture with different architecture around ect to local climatic conditions.
About Inesh
Born on september 27th, 1969 into a lineage of divinely ordained master craftsmen reverently referred to as 'Acharis' in kerala, Inesh V Achary epiotomizes the ultimateheritage connoissuer with an ultra liberal view on cultures irrespective of time and space .As a student of architeture, Inesh has travelled to most of the heritage sites of India. The works by him on the 800 year old UNESCO heritage, ''Bhaktapur'' in Nepal is an example of unmatched dedication. Equally awe inspiring is his work on the Sun temple , Modhera , Gujarat .An unorthodox topper in B Arch , Inesh is a paradigm example of a beautiful fusion between traditional roots and modernity for him, Architeture is a living creative spirit, a celebration of life and art that has to be handed over to generations . Fascinated by history and the heritage of human life, all of his work reflects his multifacted styles.
Inesh's mission in life is to enlighten the future generations about our priceless heritage in his more than 20 years as a practicing architect, he has created a wide range of much acclaimed residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional projects, each project a different masterpiece with unique solution.His other passions that are being exhibited inculde photography , short filims and paintings of varied socio- cultural mileux, that he has traversed as a restless explorer of culture. Compelling narratives that excudes a superb sense of cultural and historical insight with an eye for the extra ordinary is his strength .Inesh currently practices Architeure in India.
Research & Development
Exhibiton at Durbar Hall
Exhibiton at Durabar Hall was the platform at which "India International Heritage Research Academy" (IIHRA) was formed. It was held fromOctober 20 - 25th , which was inaugrated by Architect Eugene Pandala.  Architect Inesh travels to different Heritage sites most of it which is unexplored. The exhibition portrayed 20 on-spot paintings,150 Heritage photographs and 6 travelogue videos , the collection made during travels. The main intention of the exhibition is to explore the values of beautiful Indian Heritage to people of different walks.
Exhibition at Fort Kochi
Exhibition at Fort Kochi was the second exhibition conducted under "India International Heritage Research Academy' ( IHRA) . It was held along with Kochi Muziris Biennale from March 11- 20th. The exhibiton portrayed 20 on-spot paintings, 150 Heritage photographs and 6 travelogue videos , the collection made during these travels.
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